Walter/The Dark Knight's Broodings (afirecelt) wrote,
Walter/The Dark Knight's Broodings

Temporary Semi-Hiatus

So here's the deal. Dave and I have started up Falcon Radio Theatre, a radio program dedicated to theatre over the airwaves at SPU. Every Thursday night at 7:00PM we'll be broadcasting over the Internet.

As such, all of my creative energies are being poured into our program.
This is not the end of Walter's Knightly Broodings, nor is it even a hiatus which I may or may not return from. It's simply a shift in priority. I do plan on continuing to post. However they will be sporadic and perhaps not even sticking to the Tuesday deadline. That said, at some point, probably when I get up to Western, the standard operating procedure will resume.

For now, farewell.

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